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Platrofma multi purpose mobile robot platform is a very useful and all compatible robot kit contains its own wheels and motors on it. You may easily set this mobile robot kit up and start to build the robot in your mind, whatever it is, you can realize line follower, obstacle avoider or any different robot in your head. This is a very favorable platform for new starters to built their own robot as well as those looking for a platform to contain everything on itself. Orange color makes it cooler.


Kit includes:

1 x Platforma Lower layer
1 x Platforma Upper layer
4 x Motor holder
2 x 6 V 250 rpm plastic gear DC motor
2 x Wheel
1 x Holey metal free wheel
2 x 25 mm metal spacer
2 x 40 mm metal spacer
4 x M3 30 mm screw
6 x M3 6 mm screw
10 x M3 loaf
Mounting guide

Platforma Multi Purpose Mobile Robot Platform - Orange



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    Platforma Multi Purpose Mobile Robot-Orange | روبوت متحرك متعدد الأغراض- برتقالي

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